News Flash! Shark Skin and Airflo are two new lines made to cast smoother and float higher, but they are also more abrasive to your stripping finger. You will enjoy these great new lines much more if you use Stripping Guards!

"This is a fly fishing accessory that you will love! STRIPPING GUARDS completely eliminate fly line stripping cuts, and they continuously clean and keep your line gliding over your fingers. They are comfortable, durable Lycra finger sleeves that fit like skin and are guaranteed to improve the enjoyment of your fly fishing experience!" ...Gary Peterson

"I am a fervent fan of Stripping Guards and wouldn't be caught fly fishing without them. In fact when I'm on a trip, say a long range, bluewater trip, I usually take many boxes of SGs with me and by the end of the first or second day, everyone of the other fly anglers have mooched some off me. By trip's end they are also dedicated SG fans!" ...Dan Blanton

Now Available - Hand knotted lip balm LANYARD. $8.00

Puts an SPF 15 blistex stick always at the ready.

When the cartridge is spent just replace it with a new one (available everywhere).


$8.00 per lanyard, shipping included.

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